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21 Mar 2013
by Graham Smith

Android Icon Size Printable Guide

We don’t know about you but sometimes having to keep flicking back and forth between the Android design site can become a little tedious. There are a few options to solve this such as buying an extra monitor to leave the documentation permanently on screen. This however could be a little expensive, and so we present our ultra low tech solution… a poster!

Android Icon Guidelines Poster

There are many benefits to our printed solution:

  • Doesn’t require power
  • Is always “on”
  • You can draw cats on it

You can download the A3 PDF, which you can scale down (or up) to suit your needs. Any praise or complaints please write them either on our Google Plus page or Facebook.


[button color="green" icon="download" href="http://www.wiseman-designs.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Android-Icon-Guidelines-Poster.pdf" ]Download the Poster[/button]


VIDEO: Getting Started with Actionbar Sherlock

We like Actionbar Sherlock. It just works. Essentially it is a backport of the Android actionbar to earlier operating systems, however it follows the same methods as the actual actionbar. Further – the code works fine on actionbar supporting devices (3.0+). Lots of people however seem to have trouble getting started therefore we produced the following tutorial in video form.

It was also a great excuse to create a YouTube channel, which incidentally can be found at http://www.youtube.com/user/WisemanDesigns


19 Sep 2011
by Richard

In the test lab

We are drawing closer to the release of our first two apps on the Android Marketplace. Here’s some further information about the exciting new applications.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new angle on electronic voucher applications that is focused on providing deals where you are to make your nights out easier on both your legs and wallet.

Look out for the release of the Nottinghamshire Coeliac Group Android application that provides a simple and quick way to check what establishments around you serve food that is gluten free.

As these two apps were the first step into the Android development arena, we quickly learnt some crucial design points that we will be taking into future applications. The biggest has been making sure that the application is created with threading in mind otherwise the application will suffer from constant performance issues.

Don’t forget, if you want to see these apps earlier than everybody else, keep checking back for the latest news on the beta testing platform so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to have your say.

28 Aug 2011
by Graham Smith

It’s all go go go

The new website is nearly done at last. We are now setup on Twitter too so please follow us @wiseman_designs.

Wiseman Designs has been working on several Android projects at the moment and are fast approaching launch dates for both, details will follow soon however both involve geolocation based services.

The new beta testers platforms is on the way where those lucky victims people will have the chance to play with our new wears before the rest of the public. When this platform is up details will be provided  on how to sign up.

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